Founder, Ellen F. Gottlieb
Founder, Ellen F. Gottlieb
Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Ellen F. Gottlieb
Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Ellen F. Gottlieb

Ellen wears many hats – lawyer, caregiver and friend – but the most important is mother to her two daughters. During their elementary school years she realized that loving them profoundly was simply not enough. She wanted to raise wise, joyful, self-confident young women and so she began to study conscious, mindful parenting.

She was helped in this journey by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, then a psychology graduate student at Columbia University and a young mother herself. As they bonded through their mutual interest in this important subject, Ellen learned from Dr. Shefali how to alter her parenting style. Dr. Shefali, now a practicing psychologist, has become world-renowned in this field. She has been Ellen’s greatest teacher and mentor, and dear friend. Under Dr. Shefali’s tutelage and through her own intensive study in the field for more than a decade, Ellen has been effectively coaching parents from all walks of life for years.

Ellen is an attorney by trade, and her training as a litigator, arbitrator and mediator for almost 30 years has enhanced her communication and negotiation skills. But while practicing law is her vocation, conscious parenting is her passion.

Ellen dedicates this coaching practice to the memory of her courageous, loving sister, Robin Hope, who was not privileged to be a mother, but who taught her how to be a better one. It is also dedicated to her wonderful husband, Sam, for his infinite love and support, and of course to her beautiful, wise and loving daughters, Deena and Sara, who are her greatest sources of joy and inspiration. Ellen and Sam live in their empty nest in Great Neck, NY.

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